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Bakaliko Greek Market

Coming Soon to Greektown!

Bakaliko, translating to a market or meeting place in Greek, will serve the Greektown community as a traditional Greek cafe & market. For now, as we are under construction, we welcome you to take a sneak peek of our imported grocery selection available for purchase at The Golden Fleece Restaurant.

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Daphnis & Chloe Rosemary Leaves

Hand-harvested at the peak of their potency from a family farm on the mountains of Epirus, our rosemary leaves are thick, bold and beatiful with a pleasant piney flavor. Use them to aromatize pork, lamb or chicken. They are also delicious with fish and roasted vegetables. Ideal for super-fresh homemade spice blends, marinades and herbed butter. Net weight: 26 g|0.92 oz